What is Crystal Healing?

What is Crystal Healing?

Many of us scratch our heads at the thought of crystal healing. What exactly is it? Is it bad? Does it really work? That’s way to woo-woo for me!

Crystals have been used in many cultures and civilizations throughout history. The Native Americans, Egyptians, ancient Chinese, ancient India, Aborigines in Australia, as well as the Atlantian and Lemurian societies that Plato wrote about, all used crystals. Crystals have been specifically named in both the Old and the New Testament in the Bible as well.

I would like to address the properties of Crystal Healing on scientific and physical, emotional, spiritual levels.

The Scientific

Crystals have specific scientific properties. They are solid at room temperature. They are inorganic and have a fixed composition. They have a chemical formula that never varies. A crystal has a repeating geometric pattern. The atoms of a crystal are arranged in an organized repeating geometric pattern. A crystal continues to repeat that same pattern from the atomic level to the molecular level straight up to the macro level. It never changes.

Albert Einstein is famous for the equation, E=mc². Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. Science, quantum physics, has proven that energy equals mass or matter, and vice-versa. Looking at matter in a subatomic level, an atom is mostly made up of empty space. Everything is made from atoms. We are made from atoms. Crystals are made from atoms. Our bodies are made of many, many cells that are transmitting and receiving energy. We transmit and receive frequencies just like we can hear and send radio frequencies.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, who is a biologist and epigenetics and a geneticist, research shows us that our cells adjust to resonate with environment changes, frequencies. Our thoughts, organs, our entire bodies are made up of frequencies, or vibrations. Everything in the universe has a vibration, our emotions, feelings, and physical objects. Crystals act as an oscillator to those frequencies. Oscillations are waves. Different forms of matter oscillate at different frequencies. Crystals have a dominant oscillatory rate (DOR) because they have a repeating geometric pattern. The dominant oscillatory rate will vary with the size, color and thickness of each crystal.

The Physical, Emotional and Spiritual

When the human body is out of balance it has entropy, disorder. A crystal entrains, or oscillates the energy around them. The crystals reduce the entropy in the human body and increases the health and longevity. It increases the coherence. Coherence in the body is when the brain, heart and all of the organs start to entrain, or oscillate, their frequency. The body becomes balanced and increases in health and longevity.

When the body is out of balance physically, emotionally or spiritually crystals are a great therapy to rebalance and heal it. As stated above, there is a scientific basis with physical results!

The use of crystals to help heal, balance and entrain the chakra system is a great way to work holistically. The main chakras centers are associated with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body. The chakras work vibrationally with crystals. Once the manifestation of the imbalance affects us physically, if often indicates that something energetic was not resolved emotionally or spiritually.

There are specific colors and properties associated with each crystal and are associated in turn with one or more chakras. When a chakra is under or over balanced, placing a specific crystal on that chakra can bring the energy back to it’s normal frequency. The crystal entrains the energy of the chakra to help heal the mind, body and spirit.

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