30 Minute Session (Phone Reading Only)



This reading consist of intuitive or channeled messages. It is encouraged that the client set an intention prior to the session and prepare two to four topics that they would like to cover.

Disclaimer: All sessions are and remain private between Susan and the client. All guidance is channeled by Susan from her guides, the client’s guides, Archangels, Angels, Masters, Teachers, and/or Loved One’s. Susan is only the messenger. All guidance is discussed or written down for the client to read, digest, and contemplate. It is up to the client if they wish to act upon any guidance given. Some guidance may not resonate at this time, some guidance may be past-life issues brought into present, or there may be symbols, images, colors, or scenes that are presented. Susan will describe them to the best of her ability. All guidance is sent with LOVE. Susan is not responsible for the actions of the client after the session. Remember, this is not meant to harm, discredit, or sway an opinion, action, or belief. This is not medical advice. Consult a medical professional before taking any herbs or supplements. By accepting the session and email (if requested), the client will honor the disclaimer terms.


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