How to Prepare for an Akashic Records Consultation

Preparing for an Akashic Records Consultation

It’s helpful to have specific questions regarding your life when you arrive for your consultation. If you are uncertain of what questions to put forth, Susan will spend time with you before the records are open to listen to circumstance and situations to help you develop a particular question or theme. The information and lives reviewed through the Akashic Records will pertain to your specific question or theme.

The consultation will begin with a brief meditation in order to begin the energetic connection to the Records. Susan will then open up, access, your Akashic Records through that energetic imprint, high vibrational link. Once the Records are open, you will be invited to ask your specific questions.

Questions for your consultation can address any area of your life, including your health, relationships, career, past lives, soul path. The consulation will evolve into a casual and very enlightening conversation between you, your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones, and Susan as she receives the information.

**Note: As this is an energetic modality, it is best to refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages or recreational drugs 24 hours prior to the consultation.

Suggestions for Asking Questions

Akashic Records consultations are intended to ask questions about you! During an Akashic Record consultation, you receive answers to your questions from the Keepers of your Akashic Records through your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones who know you and love you. (Remember, the Akashic Records are the energy of LOVE!)

It is helpful to contenplate what areas of your life you would like your questions to address. A great deal of clarity can come from meditating about the questions you will ask, even before the consultation takes place.

Don’t become distracted or hung up, on the “how to” create a question, topics or themes. By being here on this page, you have already been guided by your helpers and most likely have a good idea of where you would like to begin.

How to Create Questions, Topics or Themes

As you begin to make a list, you will feel which question, topic or theme resonates the strongest with you and will be at the top of your list. Ask the questions at the top of your list so that you are sure to have time for them to be fully answered before the end of the session. Save the less important questions for the end of your session.

There is no need to begin with general questions. Be specific as possible, as the Keepers of the Records can address the specifics and the information you are asking for. Avoid using the word “should” in your questions, as it implies that there is a right or wrong to do things. The Keepers of the Records cannot answer these kinds of questions because that would be equivalent to telling you how to choose, which would be equivalent to taking your free will from you.

**Note: It may seem that while on the surface, the question, topic or theme may be unrelated to what answer was given. When we go deeper into the heart of what is revealed to us in the Records, we discover what seemed to be unrelated, is in fact very much entwined and connected to the question, topic or theme that was asked. Remember, the Akashic Records are our energetic imprint of our soul journey.


The Akashic Records contain information about the future, but because we all have free will, you have the power to change and influence certain aspects with your choices. Because of this, questions about the future are often answered in terms of possibilities and potentials.

After Your Consultation

After your consultation, you may want to keep a journal to record any new thoughts or ideas. You may find that your self-awareness increases as your connection to soul/spirit opens, and you will want to write down any thoughts or additional questions that come to mind.

In Conclusion

The Akashic Records Consultations are inteded to bring awareness, spiritual healing, personal growth, self-empowerment and joy into our lives!