Distance Intuitive Readings & Energy Healing Sessions

Distance Intuitive Readings sessions are by appointment request only. These readings consist of intuitive or channeled messages. It is encouraged that the client set an intention prior to the session and prepare two to four topics that they would like to cover. A pdf will be emailed to each client after each session with any information that has come through. Any additional questions can be addressed via email one time only.

Distance Energy Healing sessions are by appointment request only. At the time of the reading, it is suggested that the client be in a relaxed and calm state as I go into the healing session. However, I can tap into the energy of the client at any time as well. Depending on the duration of the session, I will conduct the Energy work. After the session is complete, you will receive an email of any guidance, imbalances, channeled messages from a past life or loved ones, Chakra balancing, physical manifestations that my be causing imbalances, and any other guidance that may come through. I ask that you sit with this guidance and allow the healing to acclimate within. Any questions can be asked via email one time only.

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