Finding Your Way Through The Shadows

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Have you ever felt that there is something more to life than what you are experiencing now? Do you feel that there are blocks or obstacles that are holding you back from something more? Some refer to shadows as the Dark Night of the Soul. Working with ones shadows can be a freeing yet arduous task. Some shadows are of ones own making. Others, are inherited through ones DNA. And, some are intrinsically inherited or brought forward through a past life.

How does one work through these shadows? First, and foremost, it is essential that one acknowledges them. Becoming aware and willing to work with ones shadows is often the hardest and most difficult step in ones journey. Many push them aside and are unwilling to accept them, or are perhaps ashamed of their past behavior that is connected to them. There can be elements of anger, betrayal and humiliation connected to each and every shadow. For they are aspects of oneself that one does not want to deal with so they are pushed aside, and buried.

Working with one shadows can be a profound experience. It enables one to look at them from a different perspective as a bystander. For, you see, one is most often product of their current environment. When one does the inner work, they can often see or revisit a past experience that may have made them angry and lash out, and see it from a different and more wholesome viewpoint. Taking a look at and releasing the emotional connection from each shadow brings wholeness into ones being. Becoming aware of the hardships and emotional turmoil of ones path brings strength and understanding to ones journey. Being aware of the bumps and bruises of life brings a sense of insight to others who may be having a similar experience.

Shadow work can be a formidable task, but the end result can bring tranquility and harmony to your entire being; emotionally, physically, energetically and spiritually.

And so it is.

Archangel Metatron



Archangel Gabriel’s Message of Self-Love

Dear Ones,

We ask that you bring your focus within. Feel where the restrictions, densities, memories of old, scarcity and sadness are being held. Bring your awareness to your heart space, the love center or heart chakra. Often times one expresses love for another, yet does not hold the space for self-love. We ask that each morning upon waking, you hold your hands over your heart and say, “I love you”.

We often hear the term “self-love”, yet fail to express it. The ego mind often plays the devil’s advocate, and causes one to doubt their abilities, thus find error within. Childhood experiences, outside influences, or an experience may have triggered the thought patterns that you are not good enough. We as the Collective ask that you bring yourself back to love. Pull yourself away from the negative experience and view it as if you were watching a movie. What do you see? What was your part? What do you know or understand now that you didn’t at the time? You see, life on the earth plane is that of duality. You are here to experience and return to love. Love for self, and love for others. The experiences that you have in this lifetime help your soul to evolve and lift in vibration and dimension.

When one brings love into their heart space, they see the world through a different lens. The world becomes much more beautiful, lighter and brighter. Self-love heals all wounds. It cleanses and clears one’s chakras, and allows the Violet Flame to shine brightly within while expanding the auric field to embody a higher vibrational flow of the golden white light of God and the Universe.

Those that acknowledge the missteps, mistakes and poor judgement without blaming others enables the energy of those mistakes to release and be cleared form the auric field. The lessons will be learned, but not held energetically or emotionally to cause karmic injury or debt. When one acknowledges a wrong doing, whether it is done to self or another, a true act of sorrow is imperative for the energy bodies to release it as well. Learn from poor judgement and injuries. This is how one learns to exercise non-judgement and not hold on to resentments. It also helps clear karmic debt. Compassion for self and others brings understanding as well as gratitude for the lessons learned for the experience.

And so it is. 💚

Finding Your Way Forward

This will be a reoccurring theme in the ongoing weeks for those who are seeking to find their soul path.

How do you find your way forward? Go within. Quiet the mind. Breathe in the light that flows into your crown chakra. Focus on the spark that lights your way. Follow that light. It’s as if there is a cord that is pulling you forward. Let all of the outside chatter fall away. The chatter is just noise, a distraction from your highest truth. Not all life paths or service is a monumental task or undertaking. Sometimes it is becoming a better person, being more positive and supportive of others and self. It can be the simple task of helping an elderly neighbor with grocery shopping, or helping them clean their home. Or, a young mother who is struggling to keep it together may need an hour or two babysitting so she can make dinner or work from home for a few hours. The service to others is endless. It comes from the heart, the soul.

Finding your way forward can also be seen as a yearning, a childhood dream that has been put on the shelf because you feel it is unattainable, or the self-talk that “there’s no way I can make a living doing that”. Who is telling you this? Ego, society? Soul knows! The yearning may not be a career, it could be a hobby as well. A hobby that slowly grows into something else, something more.

Finding your way forward is being open to the possibilities that you had not thought of for yourself. Being stuck under what society dictates as a meaningful job or position. But what and who says it is or it is not proper or just or “a good job”?

Go within. Soul knows what is right for you. Not the news. Not the media. Not the social pages. Not society. Soul. Soul is the I AM. Soul is the divine within you. Soul is you in physical form. Go within. Meet your Soul. Sit with Soul. Listen to what your Soul has been asking of you. That is where your answers lie.

And so it is.

Archangel Uriel


Betrayal is a wound of the heart. It’s a wound of the soul. It is an act that can rock your world. How does this happen when you love someone? What have I done to be betrayed? How does one get over and heal from betrayal?

Being betrayed by a person that is close to you can leave an imprint on your soul. It often feels like a connection has been severed. A direct wound to the heart. A betrayal is a deliberate act against someone. An intended act or violation of trust. So, how does one heal from it? How does one move forward? Let us explore this concept.

Betrayal of the heart and trust.

“We as energetic beings of light are here with you now to help you discern a betrayal, and how to heal your heart. When one opens their heart and invests in another with love and trust, they assume that it is reciprocated. When the other being is not of like mind or heart, they have no intention of keeping that bond. There are often small clues that are ignored, or passed off as a “mood”. When they happen often enough there is a shift in energy that gently nudges and begins to sound the energetic alarm. When this happens, we of the Collective, say to you, guard your heart for there are those who seek to harm rather than love.

There are those who feel threatened by another whom they covet, and will stop at nothing to take possession of that person whom you have put your love and trust in. There are also those that are weak of mind and will that can be easily swayed by another. Thus, they are easily pulled into the energy of another. One who was pure of heart and of good intentions, but weak in will can often be overtaken by another. Thus, a change can be gradual and unnoticed until they find that their once strong held beliefs are not their own, but of another.

We ask that you go within and ask these questions if you feel that there is something off. Is this person of pure heart? Or, is there an ulterior motive behind their words or actions?

Go within and connect with God, the Angels and your guides. Find the peace in the alignment of the Universe. Inhale the cleansing and clearing breaths of the energetic love that surrounds you. Be at peace with who you are. Be at peace with your creator. For, they are the All Mighty, and the everlasting love that you can always count on. Connect with that love through your breath. Infuse your body, mind and spirit with the energy of the Universe. Call on the Angels of Love, Angels of Harmony, Angels of Cleansing and Clearing, the Angels of Healing. Continue to focus on love. Meditate on love. For each step forward is a step to reclaim you. A step to release the betrayal. It’s a step closer to God. For when there is a betrayal of the heart, it is not you that has stumbled. For you have regained more. You have ascended to another level called forgiveness.”

The Council of Light.

And so it is.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

Inner Calling

What is soul revealing to you?

moon w_angel energy flowing

An inner calling is that passion that consumes a person. It sets in motion action steps to fulfill the service that soul is guiding them through. It’s a passion that runs so deep within that it can no longer be ignored. This inner calling guides and directs a person each and every day with new inspirations, new guidance and ideas. The synchronicities continue to materialize.

Do you have this? Are you paying attention to the signs and synchronicities? Most often they are subtle. They can be a whisper that floats through your mind. It can be a song that repeats over and over in your head. It can be a dream. It can be repeating numbers or even signs from nature. Whatever they may be, start to take notice. Write them down and begin to connect the dots. What are my guides trying to tell me? What are the angels trying to show me?

Bring into your awareness what invokes joy. What initiates your passion? What brings you an all consuming idea that you can’t let go of. Feel this joy, passion or idea. Are the messages full of compassion, service to others or to Mother Earth? How does it make you feel?

These inner callings are your soul, your higher self talking to you. Be open to the subtlety. Be open to change. Be open to feeling a bit uncomfortable with the unknown path that this inner calling may take you. Being comfortable and sentient as it continues to clear out old stagnant energies. Soul wants us to continue to move forward into our purpose that we outlined prior to coming into this incarnation. Don’t allow fear to block you or hold you back. Take small steps forward each day.

~ A channeled message from Archangel Haniel

If you would like a intuitive reading to help reveal more about your soul path, schedule a Remote Intuitive Reading with Susan. Click here to schedule an appointment.


The process of decluttering helps one to be clean and clear. It allows the energy to flow freely, without being “clogged” or “bogged down” with old, unused and unnecessary stuff.

We suggest you go through each room and declutter. Remove unused and unwanted items. Broken, old, out-of-date, items. The material does not follow you when you cross over. The material is temporary. What has not been used in 2 years — we suggest you remove it. Old files, receipts, clothes, books electronics. Keep removing. Simplify. Organize. You will feel much lighter — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Things tend to have an unconscious hold on a person. Release the restriction. Material things take up space.

So do old, unwanted thoughts, patterns, and beliefs.

Declutter your mind. What no longer resonates with you, release it. Thank it for the experience and the lesson. Sit with any emotional attachments. Feel where they settle in your physical being (vessel). What memories, feelings, thoughts, emotions do they bring forth? Be the observer. Step out of the play that is being performed. You are no longer the star of the show. You have become the audience. The observer. Once the play (memory) is over, thank it. If the emotional attachment (reaction) is no longer present, it’s time to close the curtain, for it no longer has any hold over you. Move on to the next performance, and repeat this process until you feel lighter and brighter. As one moves forward (ascending), the replays become less and less. Remember, your part in the play (memory) is done. Release, the act of decluttering, is the ultimate goal. Sometimes one needs to watch the play more than once to understand the lesson. Sometimes, the play has more than one act, and the final act has not arrived yet. There may be lessons and experiences that have not been learned, or there is more than one  lesson or experience that one needs to learn in order to grasp what needs to be released more completely.

Remember to thank each lesson and experience, as it is part of your path, part of your soul’s evolution.

Declutter often as it lifts the spirit and cleanses the soul!

Peace be with you,
The Angels of the Light 💗

We are not promised an easy path, or even a clear one.

Follow your soul path through learning and experiencing.

Following a soul path can be all about working through the blocks and off-road navigating. One may ask, “Why is life so difficult?” Or, “I have no idea what I want to do with my life.” Sometimes we enter into a situation with excitement and drive, only to find out that it isn’t what we expected and no longer desire it. Others may just know what it is that they are to do in this life, and eagerly set out to accomplish their goal. One may feel the need to follow in the footsteps of another, only to realize that his “heart” isn’t in it and finds himself at a loss of what path to take.

Being in alignment with soul doesn’t necessarily mean that one’s path will be easy. There are many examples of those who have accomplished much, but had many obstacles that hindered them along the way. We all come into this world with a purpose for this lifetime. We are meant to learn what we have not in previous lifetimes. Ascension is the term that is often used in today’s circles. On the other hand, some believe that we only have this one lifetime in the physical plane to achieve “something”. And that is okay too! The point here is the learning and experiencing while you are here on the earth plane.

Souls are energy that are brought into a physical body. Soul paths are contracts that were previously agreed to prior to coming into this physical form. Here are some questions to ponder. Who said that life is easy? Who’s said that those who have difficult lives deserve better? Why should they should suffer so much?

Let’s go back to the soul contract and the re-learning what one did not fully understand, or learn, in the previous lifetimes. For example, one could have been a wealthy land owner that treated his servants very poorly. He could have done this over many lifetimes, and never learned the lesson of compassion. Prior to coming into this lifetime, his soul contract was that of experiencing the same treatment he gave his servants. His lesson is to learn and experience how it feels to be treated thusly. His path is to find compassion.

Now your probably wondering how can someone feel compassion if he’s poor, starving, and maybe even living on the streets? Or, he was born into this situation, so it’s not his fault. Humans have free will. Regardless of their situation, all have choice. Making positive or negative choices are constantly impacting our lives, thus our soul path. Soul gently guides us every second of every day with love always being the ultimate outcome. However, many of us veer off our path and ignore our innate intuition.

Suffering, pain, lack, and hardships can be part of one’s path. For example, Mother Theresa was given a choice. Live the life of a nun within a safe convent community, or serve the poor. Following her soul path gave her the courage and will to take the trip to Calcutta, India to live with and serve the poor. She had complete faith and trust that her, and the needs of others, would be met. The point is, she fully opened her heart to love. She embraced her soul path. Her life, and the life of those she served was filled with strife, hardships, and sometimes threats of violence. The path she chose was not an easy one. Through her work with the poor she found compassion and humility.

Trusting your intuition and inner guidance, we allow the Universe to guide us. Asking the question, “How may I serve?” Doesn’t always give the answer that is expected, or easy. Sometimes the path is a difficult one. If you accept it with an open heart, the Universe will guide you.

The struggle that many of us have is lacking true faith and trust. Many don’t want to do the work that is required to achieve soul path success. And the term success shows up differently to each and every one of us. Pride, ego, greed, and selfish self-love often blind people to their true path. When one finds success through greed for example, that is not in the highest form of love. That success can come crashing down, and one finds himself in an unfortunate circumstance where he needs the help of another. Through the kindness of another’s help, he can learn the lessons of compassion, love, faith, and trust that he did not initially learn through his rise to success.

Monetary success and fame are not always the ultimate goal of ones path. Struggle, hardships, poverty, and illness can very well be part of one’s soul path in this lifetime. That concept is difficult to imagine. Learning and experiencing by following your intuition takes courage. However, the journey is what’s important. Your soul is constantly speaking to you, through your dreams, coincidences, deja vu, or even the people you meet. No one soul path is the same. Continuing to grow and ascend allows each soul to evolve into the next dimension. Striving to reach the ultimate goal of unconditional love for all.

Blog Disclaimer: These are a reflection of my experiences, as well as thoughts on various subjects. They are meant to offer insight into self, as well as one’s actions. They are meant to be thought provoking, and to ask one to look within to find the peace and balance that one may be seeking, rather than trying to find it from an outside source.

Energy healing and stress? How does it work?

woman-receiving energy to the moon

Energy healing, or energy work, is the new buzz phrase these days, yet many are puzzled by how it actually works. As a Reiki Master, Advanced Integrated Energy Therapist (IET©), and an Advanced Master Crystal Healer, I will help you to understand what it is that I, in particular, do to help release negative, blocked, or suppressed energies. Each energy practitioner has her/his own style of energy work. We all have our distinctive gifts that we bring into our practice. How we interact with a client and conduct a session is our own. I use Reiki energy, IET©, crystals and my own unique healing energies directly from a Divine source. I have Archangel Rafael, sometimes many more, by my side during each session. He channels energy through me and guides me throughout each session. I will go into more with him in a bit, but let’s continue with the energy…

Energy is everywhere. Each person, thing, thought, and emotion is made up of energy. Some we can see, and others we cannot. A table is made up of energy so condensed that it is a solid form. A stream of water is energy, yet it is fluid. Air is energy, yet we sometimes feel it, but most often do not see it. A person is energy. A thought is energy. An emotion is energy. The Universe is energy. A black hole is energy.

I’ve been a Reiki Master since 2006. Working with the body, mind, spirit, and soul is where the real healing begins. As a massage therapist for over 13 years, most people come to me because they want to feel better physically. They think that the physical touch of manipulating the muscles will make them better. There is no mistaking that massage does and will release muscle tension, yet only temporarily “heal” or resolve the root of the problem. When a client comes to me with upper back and neck pain, they expect to be fixed by the end of the session. Let’s add in stress. That is the energetic portion of the equation that most people miss, or think that a massage will release after one session. This is where massage only becomes a Band-Aid. It’s a temporary fix. . Believe me, I do love a good massage, especially with hot stones and essential oils! Yet, clients continue to book sessions that address the same problem every week with no end in sight. The question is why aren’t these symptoms or physical ailments resolved?

In comes Energy Healing. Working with a client’s energy field encompasses the physical, mental, and emotional energies. For example, a client comes to me because he has a long-standing medical issue that causes multiple symptoms. He is taking multiple medications, and has become frustrated that nothing is working to make him feel better. He is fatigued, stressed and thinks this is just the way he’s supposed to feel. Or, a client has a very stressful job, family life, or relationship. She doesn’t know how or when she started to feel this way but thinks that if she just “deals with it”, she can manage the situation. These examples are defined as chronic stress. Energy work heals the whole body – physical, mental, and emotional, not just the symptom. Long-held stress, or chronic stress, can be traced back to the onset of most disease. (

When a client comes to see me and explains his or her symptoms, I will always recommend energy work over massage. But, massage reduces stress, right? Why would I want an energy session when my neck and shoulders are so tight, or I have this pain in my back that I can’t get rid of? Isn’t muscular pain resolved by manipulation of the muscle? Sometimes it will, but not always. Working with chronic pain and symptoms can signal a deeper more overwhelming issue. I recommend energy work because it lasts much longer than massage, it goes much, much deeper, and it releases and/or shifts the negative energies or blockages that have manifested into a long held physical, mental, or emotional state. The benefits will be felt for an extended period of time, and will often release some or most of the long-standing beliefs that started them down the path of their current condition. Some shifts may be profound, others may be much more subtle.

Divine Healer. Really?

I work directly with Archangel Rafael. He is my guardian angel as well as my mentor. He is with me throughout each and every healing session I give. Being able to channel his energy through me to my client is an awesome, as well as a very humbling experience. The absolute love that I feel flowing through me to my client is so amazingly beautiful. While I continue to work with Archangel Rafael, my healing gifts continue to grow and evolve. Other angels, guides, guardian angels, or loved ones may also be present as well. If there is an area, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual that needs to be released, they will step in and tell me, show me, or give me a symbol as to what the block may be.

Not only does each client have a release and/or shift of his or her energetic, physical, mental, or emotional field, I also receive guidance that is given to me by my guardian angels, and his or her guardian angels, as well as other angels, or loved ones. This guidance is meant to help them on many levels. Not all of the guidance may make sense at the time of the session, but he or she may have an “a-ha” moment at a later time, and that is when the connection is made and they can allow the continued release.

What type of guidance do you receive?

I receive various types of guidance. Each client is unique. Some may receive information as to the root of what is causing a physical ache or pain. Others may receive past-life issues that have not been resolved, and continue to plague them in this lifetime. Relationship issues with others, as well as the relationship with themselves can be given. Diet, nutrition, or other health and wellness guidance may come through. You see, the Angels work with your energetic imprint. They respond to the energy at the time of the session. Yes, there may be future possibilities, or past-lives that come through that are affecting the present, but freewill always comes into play. I channel the guidance, and then pass it on the client so that they may sit with it, and reflect or meditate to find the deeper meanings that come from within.

How can I book a session with you?

I give both distance and in-office sessions. Energy is energy. Whether is in-person or over the phone, energy heals. To make an appointment click here.

Energy Healing

healing-handsEnergy healing promotes healing by enhancing energy flow and correcting disturbances in the “human energy field” or “aura” which permeates and surrounds the body. Improving the flow of energy in the energy field supports the self-healing capacity of the body.

Currently, there is a kind of revival of ancient understandings about energy healing in the light of modern science. “Laying on of hands”, which appeared in many times and cultures, is being rediscovered and formulated into healing techniques which are accessible to people in the present time. There are also more and more people who are spontaneously becoming aware of healing “gifts”.

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Is Massage Therapy Good for Your Heart?

The answer to the question, “Is massage therapy good for your heart?”, is a resounding YES!

Studies have shown that regular sessions of massage therapy can help heal the heart. Let’s explore some of what research and studies have found.

Studies show that massage therapy can reduce stress, promote relaxation and enhance feelings of wellbeing. Massage can stimulate the nerve endings in the skin, release endorphins (the feel good hormones) and inhibit the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Blood will circulate more efficiently, blood pressure will drop and heart rates will slow down.

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