Welcome to Stillness Awakening!

I began my holistic healing and intuitive practice in 2005, not knowing, yet keeping an open mind and heart, as to where my soul would lead me. Over the course of many years, I followed my soul path; the path of intuitive angel channeling and energy healing. I continue to grow in my gifts of service. It is my honor to be a steward of those in need and offer alternative healing and angelic guidance to people all over the world.

My gift of channeling angelic messages and source energy go hand-and-hand with no location limitations. Source energy has no limitations! I am a Starseed, a light being, a volunteer here to serve. I am also a Master Energy Healer, Intuitive, Angel Channeler,  Advanced Master Crystal Healer,  a Steward of the Akashic Records,  Advanced Integrated Energy Therapist, Board Certified Massage Therapist  and a Holistic Life and Wellness Coach and Facilitator. I work with the energies of the client to help create balance of the body, mind, and spirit, as well as channel any guidance that he or she needs to know at that moment in time.

I am here to help raise the vibration of Gaia, to help transform and elevate the earth to a higher dimension, to assist humanity through awakening, spiritual growth, and transformation. I’ve taken many healing and angel channeling courses to help understand my gifts and how to offer them to those in need. However, it took a while for me to realize my soul path was that of transformation and healing. Finding my calling has been freeing, as well as humbling. In a climate where alternative healing is still emerging can be challenging. If I can help even just one person move past a trauma, a reoccurring issue, health crisis, chronic stress, a problem with a relationship, or even helping one wake up to their spiritual divine selves that would be one more person that would be released from restriction, and free to be who they were meant to be in this lifetime.


Susan 💜