Intuitive Readings & Akashic Records

Do you need help with your stress, anxiety, relationships, career, health, diet or overall wellness? Has there been a life event that you would like more clarity? Do you often wonder if you are on the right path or why you feel you should be doing something other than what you are doing now? Intuitive Readings help facilitate personal healing, self-awareness, releasing unwanted patterns and remembering their life purpose. Helping the client find the clarity, balance and stillness within by awakening and  facilitating their healing of their body, mind and spirit.

An Intuitive Readings may be one session or several sessions. By allowing the client feel the changes, both subtle or gradual, to focus within and not what is happening around them, often times they can find the clarity and balance that they are seeking.

Susan also works with those who are trying to connect with a loved one who as passed on to the other side. Finding the closure, unanswered questions or just wanting to see if they are okay, are many topics that are covered in one or several sessions.

All sessions are distance via email, phone or Zoom readings.

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