The Loss of a Beloved Pet

A pet may come into one’s life unexpectedly or planned. The compassion and love that forms the bond is one of the strongest connections that both a human and a pet can have. There’s a silent communication, an energy, that thrives and goes deep into the soul. Whether the beloved pet is adopted, rescued or a baby of and existing pet, the connection is formed. 

Our pets become part of our life. They become a friend, a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to and know our deepest secrets. They are family, our children. They depend on us to keep them fed and sheltered, and will defend us until they’re dying breath. That invisible thread of connection is never broken. When they pass on, they just go to another dimension. Sometimes they come back to us in another form or being. You see, the soul never dies. We are all one with the Universe. We are energetic beings in a 3D body.

Our pets teach us compassion, love, patients, and understanding. If we listen and observe them, we are often shown where we may be lacking in our own behavior. They are our teachers from Spirit. They help and guide us through life. When they have finished their mission, they will transition back to Creator. We as humans don’t always understand the why’s. As sensitive and emotional beings, we mourn the loss of a beloved friend and companion. As we look back on their life with us, we can see and remember the lessons that they taught us.

Losing a dearly beloved pet is heartbreaking. Knowing that they too have a purpose on this 3D earth plane. They offer us unconditional love and ask for the same in return. This is the lesson from the Creator – LOVE. Pure unconditional LOVE. 

And so it is 💜👼🏻

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