Archangel Gabriel’s Message of Self-Love

Dear Ones,

We ask that you bring your focus within. Feel where the restrictions, densities, memories of old, scarcity and sadness are being held. Bring your awareness to your heart space, the love center or heart chakra. Often times one expresses love for another, yet does not hold the space for self-love. We ask that each morning upon waking, you hold your hands over your heart and say, “I love you”.

We often hear the term “self-love”, yet fail to express it. The ego mind often plays the devil’s advocate, and causes one to doubt their abilities, thus find error within. Childhood experiences, outside influences, or an experience may have triggered the thought patterns that you are not good enough. We as the Collective ask that you bring yourself back to love. Pull yourself away from the negative experience and view it as if you were watching a movie. What do you see? What was your part? What do you know or understand now that you didn’t at the time? You see, life on the earth plane is that of duality. You are here to experience and return to love. Love for self, and love for others. The experiences that you have in this lifetime help your soul to evolve and lift in vibration and dimension.

When one brings love into their heart space, they see the world through a different lens. The world becomes much more beautiful, lighter and brighter. Self-love heals all wounds. It cleanses and clears one’s chakras, and allows the Violet Flame to shine brightly within while expanding the auric field to embody a higher vibrational flow of the golden white light of God and the Universe.

Those that acknowledge the missteps, mistakes and poor judgement without blaming others enables the energy of those mistakes to release and be cleared form the auric field. The lessons will be learned, but not held energetically or emotionally to cause karmic injury or debt. When one acknowledges a wrong doing, whether it is done to self or another, a true act of sorrow is imperative for the energy bodies to release it as well. Learn from poor judgement and injuries. This is how one learns to exercise non-judgement and not hold on to resentments. It also helps clear karmic debt. Compassion for self and others brings understanding as well as gratitude for the lessons learned for the experience.

And so it is. 💚