Finding Your Way Forward

This will be a reoccurring theme in the ongoing weeks for those who are seeking to find their soul path.

How do you find your way forward? Go within. Quiet the mind. Breathe in the light that flows into your crown chakra. Focus on the spark that lights your way. Follow that light. It’s as if there is a cord that is pulling you forward. Let all of the outside chatter fall away. The chatter is just noise, a distraction from your highest truth. Not all life paths or service is a monumental task or undertaking. Sometimes it is becoming a better person, being more positive and supportive of others and self. It can be the simple task of helping an elderly neighbor with grocery shopping, or helping them clean their home. Or, a young mother who is struggling to keep it together may need an hour or two babysitting so she can make dinner or work from home for a few hours. The service to others is endless. It comes from the heart, the soul.

Finding your way forward can also be seen as a yearning, a childhood dream that has been put on the shelf because you feel it is unattainable, or the self-talk that “there’s no way I can make a living doing that”. Who is telling you this? Ego, society? Soul knows! The yearning may not be a career, it could be a hobby as well. A hobby that slowly grows into something else, something more.

Finding your way forward is being open to the possibilities that you had not thought of for yourself. Being stuck under what society dictates as a meaningful job or position. But what and who says it is or it is not proper or just or “a good job”?

Go within. Soul knows what is right for you. Not the news. Not the media. Not the social pages. Not society. Soul. Soul is the I AM. Soul is the divine within you. Soul is you in physical form. Go within. Meet your Soul. Sit with Soul. Listen to what your Soul has been asking of you. That is where your answers lie.

And so it is.

Archangel Uriel

Published by Stillness Awakening

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