We are not promised an easy path, or even a clear one.

Follow your soul path through learning and experiencing.

Following a soul path can be all about working through the blocks and off-road navigating. One may ask, “Why is life so difficult?” Or, “I have no idea what I want to do with my life.” Sometimes we enter into a situation with excitement and drive, only to find out that it isn’t what we expected and no longer desire it. Others may just know what it is that they are to do in this life, and eagerly set out to accomplish their goal. One may feel the need to follow in the footsteps of another, only to realize that his “heart” isn’t in it and finds himself at a loss of what path to take.

Being in alignment with soul doesn’t necessarily mean that one’s path will be easy. There are many examples of those who have accomplished much, but had many obstacles that hindered them along the way. We all come into this world with a purpose for this lifetime. We are meant to learn what we have not in previous lifetimes. Ascension is the term that is often used in today’s circles. On the other hand, some believe that we only have this one lifetime in the physical plane to achieve “something”. And that is okay too! The point here is the learning and experiencing while you are here on the earth plane.

Souls are energy that are brought into a physical body. Soul paths are contracts that were previously agreed to prior to coming into this physical form. Here are some questions to ponder. Who said that life is easy? Who’s said that those who have difficult lives deserve better? Why should they should suffer so much?

Let’s go back to the soul contract and the re-learning what one did not fully understand, or learn, in the previous lifetimes. For example, one could have been a wealthy land owner that treated his servants very poorly. He could have done this over many lifetimes, and never learned the lesson of compassion. Prior to coming into this lifetime, his soul contract was that of experiencing the same treatment he gave his servants. His lesson is to learn and experience how it feels to be treated thusly. His path is to find compassion.

Now your probably wondering how can someone feel compassion if he’s poor, starving, and maybe even living on the streets? Or, he was born into this situation, so it’s not his fault. Humans have free will. Regardless of their situation, all have choice. Making positive or negative choices are constantly impacting our lives, thus our soul path. Soul gently guides us every second of every day with love always being the ultimate outcome. However, many of us veer off our path and ignore our innate intuition.

Suffering, pain, lack, and hardships can be part of one’s path. For example, Mother Theresa was given a choice. Live the life of a nun within a safe convent community, or serve the poor. Following her soul path gave her the courage and will to take the trip to Calcutta, India to live with and serve the poor. She had complete faith and trust that her, and the needs of others, would be met. The point is, she fully opened her heart to love. She embraced her soul path. Her life, and the life of those she served was filled with strife, hardships, and sometimes threats of violence. The path she chose was not an easy one. Through her work with the poor she found compassion and humility.

Trusting your intuition and inner guidance, we allow the Universe to guide us. Asking the question, “How may I serve?” Doesn’t always give the answer that is expected, or easy. Sometimes the path is a difficult one. If you accept it with an open heart, the Universe will guide you.

The struggle that many of us have is lacking true faith and trust. Many don’t want to do the work that is required to achieve soul path success. And the term success shows up differently to each and every one of us. Pride, ego, greed, and selfish self-love often blind people to their true path. When one finds success through greed for example, that is not in the highest form of love. That success can come crashing down, and one finds himself in an unfortunate circumstance where he needs the help of another. Through the kindness of another’s help, he can learn the lessons of compassion, love, faith, and trust that he did not initially learn through his rise to success.

Monetary success and fame are not always the ultimate goal of ones path. Struggle, hardships, poverty, and illness can very well be part of one’s soul path in this lifetime. That concept is difficult to imagine. Learning and experiencing by following your intuition takes courage. However, the journey is what’s important. Your soul is constantly speaking to you, through your dreams, coincidences, deja vu, or even the people you meet. No one soul path is the same. Continuing to grow and ascend allows each soul to evolve into the next dimension. Striving to reach the ultimate goal of unconditional love for all.

Blog Disclaimer: These are a reflection of my experiences, as well as thoughts on various subjects. They are meant to offer insight into self, as well as one’s actions. They are meant to be thought provoking, and to ask one to look within to find the peace and balance that one may be seeking, rather than trying to find it from an outside source.